The SkyMall Holiday Gift Guide

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.08.18 PM

Get those credit cards ready! We review the famous shop in the sky, the SkyMall magazine, for the 2013 Out Abroad Holiday Gift Guide.

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5 Ridiculously Smart Tips for Your First Gaycay


You love travel. We love advice. We’re serving up 5 pieces of travel advice so you can focus on making better bad decisions.

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Medical Emergencies: La Bomba


You’re sick, you’re vulnerable, you don’t speak the language, and you are, at best, thrust into a bureacracy you have little hope of understanding.

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A Toast to Marriott’s Inclusive LGBT Travel Marketing

Love Travels Marriott Lesbian Couple

We get a lot of penis in our inbox. So it’s refreshing when a travel company actually gets gay travel marketing right.

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This LGBTQ Instagram Account Overflows with Rad Queer Women

LGBTQ Travelers Instagram

Your Instagram needs this account stat: @lgbtqtravelers. It’s full of queer women getting their #gaycay on all over the world.

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Dear Leslee: The Bar


Do you think every straight girl who takes a drink from a guy intends to bang him? Of course not. A drink is not a sexual contract.

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Sloungy Reads: The Night Circus


Magic, betrayal, contortionists, red-headed twins, trains, tarot, elaborate costuming, and the 19th century, with enough foreign locations to spark my travel-fueled flight of fancy.

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Put This Podcast in Your Ears Right Now: Woman Explorers


Podcasting is the perfect solo travel companion. The best podcast of the summer, Stuff Mom Never Told You, has made the perfect series to put in your travel loving earholes.

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