These Cities Want Your Gay Travel Dollar$


Meet the tourism website, the travel resource you probably never use. But several of them are doing fabulous work to woo the gays (and their many dollars) to places that value equality. Check out the top cities clamoring for your travel bucks.

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Lady Convos: Miyuki Baker’s Colorful Queer World

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.05.42 PM

Colorful zines, how to find queer girls in foreign countries, plenty of travel stories and a few clever Sloungy Reads are jam-packed into our most recent lady convo with Miyuki Baker.

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44 Things Every Female Solo Traveler Should Know


We at Out Abroad want all the ladies to go forth and internationally frolic with confidence, so we put together this list of top-notch advice for the would-be adventurer.

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Thailand’s Biggest Holiday Will Get You So Wet

Friends getting their water freak on.

Songkran has it all – blessings, parades, parties, food, concerts, and most notably, a rousing citywide water-fight that lasts 3-5 days. Chiang Mai is especially famous for transforming itself into a gussied up waterworld.

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Dinah Shore: A Lesbian Safari

Dinah Shore Scavenger Hunt

At this year’s Dinah Shore, we mingled up the pool party, asking all the queer girls: Where do you want to gaycay?

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Get Royally… Wed in England and Wales


Guest post by Jen Kilchenmann, your lesbian ambassador. Follow Jen for trip advice to the UK on Twitter: @film_gem_digger

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Sloungy Read: Lean In


I was so ready to hate-read this little empowerment manifesto. But then I actually read it, and found much of it worthwhile, even for non-corporate, vacation-obsessed, ambitionless slackers like myself. It was part of my domestic winter slounge tour, and I’m proud to say it held my interest and provided conversational fodder across this great nation.

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Drink, Mingle, Nap: Dinah Shore 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.50.59 PM

If you wake up in a stranger’s bed at an even stranger hotel, hungover and starving with no idea where all the other ladies are at, this map will sort you out. Or just use it to navigate your gaycay in the desert.

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