Abroadcast News: Feb 12, 2013

Frida Kahlo's closet!

Frida Kahlo’s closet!

Welcome to the weekly round up featuring the best gayish stories from around the globe.

Top o’ the list is gay marriage getting some love in France.

If you’re in DC and you want a change from ranting about our garbage political system, go to the Smithsonian and see the world’s first lesbian magazine!

Everybody’s favorite Mexican bisexual artist, Frida Kahlo, just came out of the closet! Not really, but her clothes did in this exhibition in Mexico City.

What’s up with gays and gender in China? Here’s of ten of the top 2012 articles related to gender and sexuality in China translated into English for us non-Chinese speakers.

Our heart goes out to the bad ass Russian women who stand up to the assholes of Russia. Russia’s parliament is waging a war against “homosexual propaganda,” which is basically a bullshit, all encompassing vague phrase meant to prevent promotion of anything related to gay. But the activists are not deterred. Elena Kostiuchenko, a special correspondent for liberal newspaper Novaya Gazeta, promote rallies on social feeds to organize protests:

Today, self-assured monsters broke the bones of two of my friends and beat up my girlfriend, Anna.
I’m not calling on anyone anymore.
When the Duma accepts this law, I’ll be there.
Any day, at noon.
Whoever wants to be there alongside me, get on your feet.

This reminds us that activism takes more than sharing and liking statuses. Go Elena and all the others fighting the good fight.




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